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Concept Artist
Remote full-time

GS studio is looking for a Concept Artist to work on a new game: an online shooter. We're working on a new third-person multiplayer shooter built using Unity 3d. The Concept Artist will be part of a rapidly growing team.
What will you do?
Help design new characters, environments and story elements in 2D using photoshop.

What are we looking for?
• Demonstrate strong ability to create artwork both for characters and environments, including organic, mechanical, landscape and architecture
• Ability to create artwork in different art styles, including realistic, fantasy, and comic book
• Ability to quickly iterate on an idea, as well as take an asset to a final illustrated stateIn-depth knowledge of visual principles including human proportion and anatomy, form, shape, composition, design and how they relate to game development specifically
• Superior eye for lighting, value, color and details and the ability to use them in creating new artwork
• Self-motivated, collaborative, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to work within a team with an eye to improving the player experiencePositive attitude and an ability to receive and provide objective feedback
• A passion for gamesKnowledge of English is required

What additional skills will help you stand out?
• Ability in comic book art.
Storyboards, graphic novels, and images depicting dynamic action moments
• Strong foundation in the traditional arts including but not limited to painting, sculpture, figure drawing, illustration
• Passion for creating charming and lighthearted imagery
• Previous game production experienceInterests in other areas of art for games (animation, FX, UI, etc.)
Knowledge of Russian is beneficial

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Unity 3D developer
Remote full-time

• English language proficiency
• 3+ years of professional experience in software development
• Excellent knowledge of Unity, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session managementFamiliarity with level design and planning
• Experience with game physics and particle systems
• Experience with mobile and console game development
• Experience with system architecture or leading a software team is a strong advantage
• Full-time availability is a strong advantage

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Project manager
Remote full-time

What will you do?
• Set product goals and keep track of their fulfillment
• Be actively involved into feature development on every production stage
• Become a single entry point on your features for all regional Publishing teams
• Coordinate collaboration between the Development and other units within the company (Business Partnerships, PR, Marketing, The Agency, etc.)
• Manage the Publishing operational planForm sets of assets (videos, publications, etc.) and activities to promote features and receive ready-to-go content
• Analyze feature effectiveness and process player feedback
• Form a list of improvements on a feature from the operational standpoint for future iterations

What are we looking for?
• Knowledge of the free-to-play market
• Previous experience in the Product Manager role or on a similar position
• Vast gaming experience in World of Tanks PC, knowledge of our players' needs and concerns
• Understanding of development workflow, as well as processes in game publishing and operations (in World of Tanks, first and foremost)
• Analytical mindset and excellent problem solving skills

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